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[5.6.06 / 2005]

Hey, I'm not sure if this is allowed here, if it isn't allowed. If it's not I'll delete it right away!

Theres a Promoting Contest

First Place: Rinoa action figure still in it's case & a character named after you in the comic & your favorite comic printed and signed.
Second Place: A Final Fantasy poster

Forum: FORUMS -where the contest is-

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RPG prospects? [4.2.05 / 2207]

First and formost, my name is Katy, I've played VIII-X(-2). Some of my favorite characters are Seymour, Zidane, and Kuuja! (thong of POWER, take that, Yunaleska! (I r teh win)). My latest accomplishment was getting X-2's perfect ending. Trema was a little skank. ><'

Anyway, now that we are introduced... I'd like to say I have an RPG. It really hasn't gotten on its feet quite yet, but it has some killer plot and so far, killer RPers. Its __corruptfaith, and if you are willing, please look. It goes from VII to X-2 (my sister has played VII), though X will be the starting area.

We have Yuna, Seymour, and three other disclosed characters.

If you have questions, ping me at Lady Shimmersea on AIM.

Thanks and all. Cross pointed to wherever I can get me grubby hands on!

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Square-Enix RP Group [16.11.04 / 2252]
[ mood | mellow ]

I don't know how many of you are into Role-Playing LJ groups, but I just started a Square-Enix RP group ( This includes all Square-Enix / Squaresoft Game Characters ) If you would like to join please visit our site to learn more ^_^

Fantasies End

<3 Chewy

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[8.11.04 / 2312]

Is RP promoting allowed?
If not, are Ficlets allowed?
I didn't see that they weren't, but I still wanted to make sure.


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got role-play? [14.7.04 / 2328]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Since this is a community for Final Fantasy lovers, I thought you might be interested in role-playing your fave FF chars over at grand_fanatsy! If advertising it not allowed, then by all means, delete this post and I apologise.


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Woo! My first community! [13.7.04 / 1930]

[ mood | creative ]

Probably be forgotten in a few days anyway! :P

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